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When do movers start charging?

This depends on the policy of your moving company. Some local movers might offer flat rates to their clients, some charge parking to parking, and some start charging when they start with the actual moving process. When moving with National City Movers, you should know that we start charging only once we arrive at your location, and we don’t charge our clients to get to or go back from your location. This means that we will stop the clock once our movers complete your relocation and the last item is unloaded from our truck.

Will movers take apart beds?

The professional moving company taking care of your relocation will most likely provide you with the service of disassembly and reassembly of your belongings. We at National City Movers arrive at the job fully prepared with all the needed tools to easily assemble your items. We also don’t additionally charge you for this service, as it is included in each relocation. Taking your heavy items apart will help us handle your belongings easily and safely.

Can movers move alcohol?

Flammable liquids represent a hazard when moved with your other belongings on the moving truck. We strongly advise our customers to move alcohol, toxic or flammable liquids and solids, along with other hazardous items by themselves.

Why use professional movers?

Most people that hire professional movers to handle their relocation are looking for this service as they are aiming for a stress-free, time efficient and overall easy relocation during which they won’t have to endure the hassle. If you want a seamless relocation that is completely stress and worry free, you should consider giving your local movers a call and reserving them for your important day.

Movers who also pack?

National City Movers also offers our clients exceptional packing services that can be added to each of our standard moving services. We don’t have an additional fee for packing, but you do need to let us know ahead of time if you are going to be needing these specific services in addition to the standard ones.

Where to find movers?

Searching for ‘movers near me’ online can be quite helpful when looking for movers. Give your local moving companies a call and gather a few quotes before you settle on a specific one. It is best to find movers that are licensed and insured, and offer moving services that best fit your needs.

How do movers charge?

This can depend on the policy of your local moving company. Some might offer you a flat rate for your relocation, while some companies charge hourly rates. National City Movers offer our clients with hourly rates for our moving services, but we also prorate the time after our 3-hour minimum charge. To further determine how much we would charge for our services, you are free to give us a call 7 days a week.

When to tip movers?

As a licensed moving company, National City Movers does not include tips in our moving rates, nor do we consider them mandatory. You can always tip our movers for a job well done as a nice gesture, but if or how much you should tip them is completely up to you.

What if movers break something?

It is important to hire a licensed and insured moving company, as you would want someone to compensate for the damage and be held accountable if anything unfortunate were to occur during your relocation. If anything unexpected happens during your move, such as breakage or damage of your property, your movers will compensate for the damage. Never hire movers without a valid license or insurance, as this won’ t be the case in those situations.

Are movers licensed?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of moving companies that operate without a license. You should never hire these companies, for many obvious reasons. If a moving company sounds shady, or has suspiciously cheap rates, you should probably avoid them. Always ask the moving company you are calling about this matter. There are a lot of amazing local movers for you to choose from, that are licensed, insured and reliable, and will provide you with a great moving experience.